Conservas in Chicago

“Fahlstrom’s Fresh Fish Market is a specialty seafood market, based in the Lakeview neighborhood on Belmont. The shop opened in June of 2015, and we specialize in sourcing sashimi-grade, directly sourced, flash frozen seafood. What sets us apart is our dedication to zero waste, 100% fish utilization, and our commitment to sustainable seafood. Fahlstrom’s Fresh Fish Market & Wixter Market is also proudly the sole importers of José Gourmet and La Brújula Conservas for the US, and we Ship Internationally.”

  • Preserved

  • Packed By Hand

  • High-Quality

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fahlstrom conservas wall chicago

What are Conservas?

“Conservas, simply put, means ‘preserved’. These fish are preserved in tins, sourced directly from companies in Spain and Portugal: La Brújula from Spain and José Gourmet from Portugal.

While they’ve been around for a long time and gaining popularity on the coasts, Chicago is finally getting a taste of them, and they’re taking off. These are the brands that will make you a fan of tinned seafood…”


Why is that? What makes these Conservas so special?

“First off, out of the 66 brands of Conservas that were tasted, these were the two that made the cut. We couldn’t pass up the opportunity to bring these to the US. The seafood, spices, and olive oils in these tins are native to Spain and Portugal, prepared and cooked using chef-created recipes, and packed by hand.

The ingredients in each tin are hand selected, hand packed and of extremely high quality. They use only the freshest, local ingredients – so essentially, you can open up a tin and have Spain or Portugal transported right to you.”

This is a great restaurant. Good food; the clam chowder is amazing.
Jeff S.
Very unique mix of a diner/deli feel with a somewhat sit downy casual vibe. This place was pretty spacious. But was packed even on a Wednesday night. They have a full wall of cereal boxes, and you can get cereal as your meal, which I am looking forward to trying one day.
Jordan E.
The fresh seafood here is outstanding, as was the service and the atmosphere. It is worth the trip to eat here!
Roy H.

What are some of the current food trends in Chicago and how do Conservas fit in?

“We’re seeing a bigger focus on seafood in many restaurants; chefs are incorporating more sustainable, very high-quality fish onto their menus. Bon Apetíte actually noted that tinned seafood will be one of the top 5 food trends in 2018, and I couldn’t agree more. Small plates and charcuterie boards are pretty popular right now, and for good reasons: they are a great way for a customer to pick and choose their own adventure (like on the boards in front of us), while chefs are able to showcase their favorite farms and flavors. We want to know where our food comes from, and we want a memorable experience while we’re dining. Fahlstrom’s has a history of supporting and sourcing extremely high-quality seafood, and we’ve set a high standard for Conservas in Chicago, serving all 29 I’ve brought here today, with a custom built wall to showcase them at the bar. This is something that has a chance to really catch on in Chicago restaurants, and Fahlstrom’s is leading the charge in Conservas presentation.”

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