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Who Is Glenn Fahlstrom?

Glenn Fahlstrom has been in the restaurant business for the past twenty-five years. His background encompasses all aspects of the restaurant industry from concept design and publicity to management and executive chef. His past experience includes a five-year stint with Lettuce Entertain you Enterprises, a two-year Chef’s training program at the Washborne School for chefs, Chef for the V.I.P. room at the Playboy Club. Additionally, he played a key role in the successful build-out and opening of nine restaurants in the Chicagoland area: The Great Gritzbe’s Flying Food Show, Jonathan Livingston Seafood, Lawrence of Oregano, The Pump Room, The Sausaltio, A Restaurant Named Desire, Davies Street Fish Market, Belmont Harbor Fish Market, and The Boat Club at North Pier.

Glenn was born and raised on the northwest side of Chicago in Portage Park. One day, while he was in his last year of high school, he offered a ride to a stranger, as was customary for the time – a hippie George. George explained he was on his way to work as a cook at the Hyatt Regency O’Hare Hotel and invited Glenn inside the kitchen. What Glenn saw changed his life: floors and floors of kitchens full of people donning white hats and aprons, moving smoothly and efficiently, all working together to create delicious, beautiful food. He described the experience, “It was the coolest thing I ever saw.”

A passionate, go-getter, Glenn soon go ta job there as a “salad guy” and absolutely loved it. The chef told him about culinary school, and shortly thereafter, he signed up. In the daytime, he worked a full-time job at the kitchen, and in the evening, he attended culinary school.

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Working His Way Up

During this time, he saw an opening for a job at the kitchen of the Playboy Club in downtown Chicago, so he applied and was hired. Probably to intimidate the others, the executive chef a the Playboy Club openly picked on Glenn during the daytime, criticizing him and pushing him around – but when everyone was gone, his attitude completely changed, and in secret, he began teaching Glen cooking techniques.

While working at the Playboy Club, Glenn met and began dating Bonnie the Bunny. He took her on a date to Second City where they witnessed a then relatively unknown John Belushi and John Candy, among others, perform improve, and he fell in love. Just as he immediately began work as a cook, he immediately signed up for improv classes the next week. Glenn proved himself a very capable and driven man, simultaneously working full-time at the Playboy Club, attending culinary school, and taking acting classes.

Time For A Change

Shortly thereafter, the executive chef at the Playboy Club informed Glenn that if he ever wanted to become a serious chef, he must cut his long hair, and of course, Glenn did this immediately. This act prompted Bonnie the Bunny to end their relationship. Without skipping a beat, Glenn delved even further into his passions and he began performing on numerous stages throughout Chicago and became a well-respected member of the city’s acting community. He went on to earn a B.F.A. in acting and a M.F.A. in directing from the Goodman School of drama.

What People Are Saying About Us

Our group of six stumbled upon this gem for dinner. Everyone had a different delicious meal and the service was excellent. We were a loud group and fit right in here. There were kids at the restaurant… just not ours this particular night.
Went to Fahlstroms for the first time tonight and would definitely go back. The Oysters and Shrimp appetizer were terrific as well as the whitefish and cioppino we had as entrees. We saved the best for last as the keylime pie was out of this world. Our server was friendly and you could tell she really cared about the place.

Your Go-To Source For Seafood

Glenn Fahlstrom is a passionate, driven, and goal-oriented individual with a genuine enthusiasm for great food and great entertainment. Unsurprisingly, Fahlstrom’s Fresh Fish Market reflects this, margining high-quality, fairly priced cuisine with the entertainment quotient of the fresh fish market. He has a proven history of success, as evidenced by Glenn’s Diner and Seafood House. He was the driving creative force behind all aspects o its success, from its inception over 10 years ago. He oversaw every aspect of the business, from finances to human resources, publicity, customer relations, and menu selections.

Glenn’s proven ability to manage and administer to all areas of the business with confidence and authority is as important as his financial statement. Glenn Fahlstrom is ushering in the next evolution of the fish house, transforming the average seafood restaurant into an intimate, whimsical, and delicious experience.

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