Lakeview Seafood Chef Teaches Theatre Actors How to Use a Knife

Many Chicagoans know Glenn Fahlstrom from his seafood restaurants. He currently runs Fahlstrom’s Fresh Fish Market in Lakeview and founded Glenn’s Diner in Ravenswood prior to his 2013 departure. Before the culinary life, the chef earned a degree in acting and directing from DePaul University’s Goodman School of Drama. He’s putting his education to use through June 9 as a consultant in the Shattered Globe Theatre’s production of How To Use a Knife. The play features a chef battling alcoholism who finds himself working at a New York restaurant owned by one of his mentees.

Fahlstrom was brought in to ensure authenticity, he taught them how a real kitchen staff moves. He also showed them how to correctly clean a flattop. The play’s set includes an actual kitchen with real appliances. Fahlstrom invited members of the cast to his restaurant located across the street from the theatre and held a kitchen class. Of course, Fahlstrom showed actors how to properly hold a knife. He only went over basic knife skills using a 10-inch French knife. They didn’t get to learn how to filet or descale a fish; that would take too much time.

“We only dealt with situations in the show,” chef said.

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