Where Do You Fall on the Fish Spectrum?

From Mild to Mackerel

With the vast expanse and wide array of fish available to diners, the decision of which fish to indulge in can be daunting. As a casual fish fan, don’t get overwhelmed with the number of options, but find a way to get outside of your shell.

Here is an easy way to experiment with new fish based on the taste you have acquired for some of the more popular choices.


  • Peruvian Blue Tilapia
  • Catfish
  • Wisconsin Walleye Pike

There are many different types of tilapia, Peruvian Blue being one of my favorites. Tilapia is one of the more popular fish, as it is considered less “fishy” than many other options. For those that wish to stay close to shore, Wisconsin Walleye Pike will hit the mark.


  • Lake Perch
  • Lake Superior Whitefish
  • Barramundi
  • Idaho Brook Trout

Trout represent a very comfortable option for many treading the fish dining menus. Barramundi is not as much of a household name. However, with its buttery flavor profile, Barramundi is a great fish to try and branch out from the norm.


  • Scottish Salmon
  • Striped Sea Bass
  • Black Sea Bass
  • Colorado River Sturgeon

For great reason, salmon is consistently in a battle with shrimp for the most popular seafood items in the U.S. Those who love salmon would not be digressing too far from their tastes by trying out the Colorado River Sturgeon. Regarded as the “steak of the sea,” Sturgeon is very meaty and will satisfy any hunger.


  • Hawaiian Mahi Mahi
  • Chilean Sea Bass
  • Spanish Mackerel

As we get toward the top of the “fishy flavor” pyramid, Hawaiian Mahi Mahi represents an oft-chosen option due to its sweet flavor. For those ready to dive into the deep end, reach for Spanish Mackerel and its complex oily taste.

Writer’s Note: Bluefish finds itself so far down this list that it does not necessarily work in any of these categories. Outside of the East Coast, Bluefish is generally not carried or eaten. So, if you are really looking for the fishiest of them all, Bluefish is your next catch.